The Diversion Offered by the Divergent Audiobook Series

Just like its written version, the Divergent Audiobook should be something worth considering for those who find the plot exciting. After all, the audiobook format is something that can be enjoyed any time of the day, but preferably when there is some free time to spare.

Practically everyone knows what the story contained in the Divergent Audiobook and in the original novel by Veronica Roth is all about. The lead character, Beatrice “Tris” Prior, is a typical teenager who unfortunately grew up in a ravaged and divided world where five different factions decide human lives.

As she turned 16, Tris is required by existing laws to choose the faction where she will be devoting the rest of her life. Usually, the aptitude test should show the unique personality trait that she possesses and will determine if Tris will enter the faction of Erudite or the intelligent, the Abnegation faction or the selfless, the Amity faction or the peaceful, the Candor class or the honest, or the Dauntless faction or the brave.

However, the test indicates that Tris has several personality traits, an indication that she is divergent. This is where her journey begins, and where the conflict in the story rests. As the resident enemy prepares to take control of a devastated society, the principal character has to make a choice that will ultimately decide her fate as well as that of the world where she lives in.

The plot presented in Divergent is not unique if critics are to be believed. Still, it has captured the interest of people, especially those belonging in the young adult age bracket. As a result, two sequels have since been made, all from the creative mind of Roth. These include Insurgent which is the second book, and Allegiant, which is the third installment in the trilogy series.

Just like the original book, , the story can be listened to in audio format, Insurgent and Allegiant can be enjoyed in their respective digital versions. This should make this action-packed trilogy offering more enticing for those inclined to enjoy stories in their digitalized formats.